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Healthy, Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies, Delivered.

Connecting Local Farmers to You!

Each week, we curate fresh, local fruits & veggies, pack ’em up & deliver to your doorstep!  Our customizable harvest boxes come in a variety of sizes & options so you can find the harvest that’s just right for you. Best of all? Everything we deliver is sourced from local growers in the greater San Luis Obispo area!

Why Buy Local?

There are several significant reasons to buy locally. Whether you choose to purchase through SLO Veg or not is really secondary. By buying locally, you do the following all at the same time!!

  • SLO Veg is ALL about sustaining the local farmer and the local economy.
  • Convenience – Allowing SLO Veg to bring the farm to your doorstep allows you to spend more time doing what it is you really enjoy most!
  • Healthier / Fresher produce – Many of our farmers are pesticide free and more are moving in that direction. The produce is less than 48 hours from being removed from the farmland.
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Our Most Popular Harvest Box

Small Organic Harvest Box

$35.00 Now Only $29.00

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This Week’s Harvest Box & Recipes

  • Harvest Box 5/28-6/1

    Life's a peach ~ savor it! First Harvest White Peaches, First Harvest Spinach, Cilantro Bundle, Cauliflower, First Harvest Yellow Nectarines, Sweet Carrots, First Harvest Fancy Zucchini, Sunflower Microgreens, Rainbow Chard, First Harvest Romaine Lettuce, [...]

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